Konkoly and Kis Engineering Office Ltd. is a company founded by natural persons of Hungarian citizenship in 1990. In the course of the years the persons of the owners have undergone to minor changes, but all along and at the moment as well the natural persons of Hungarian citizenship employed full time by the company have been and are the owners.
The Company’s scope of activities has been constituted right from the beginning by designing I&C and electrical equipment and systems. At the commencement the electrical designing was determinant, but at present already the I&C design work amounts to a larger portion, thanks to the quick technical development. In 2011 we have expanded our services with civil design.

Due to the continuous growth, the Company moved in June of 2003 to the office block owned by it at Budaörs from the office rented. The spacious, well-equipped offices and service premises provide high-standard, up-to-date working conditions to the employees of the Company.

We treat with priority the performance of the tasks related to the operation and investment works of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant. Conforming to this – continuously as from 1996 – we have run a local office (subsidiary) in the area of the Nuclear Power Plant. In 2017 our local staff will move to an own office building.


  • 1990 Foundation
  • 1990-2003 Office in Budapest city center
  • 1996 Local office in Paks Nuclear Power Plant
  • 1999 Compliant to ISO 9001 standard
  • 2000 Introduction of EPLAN designing system
  • 2003 Own office building in Budaörs
  • 2011 Scope of activities extended with civil designing
  • 2012 Introduction of management system and documentation management system
  • 2012 Designing office in Paks Nuclear Power Plant
  • 2015 Compliant to ISO 14001
  • 2015 Number of engineers became more than 30
  • 2017 New own office building in Paks (proposed)