Our engineers have several years of experience in design of nuclear and conventional power plants, industrial plants.

Our employees have design license at Hungarian Chambers of Engineers for:
– building electricity (V)
– thermal energy facilities (EN-HŐ)
– electrical energy facilities (EN-VI)
– renewable energy facilities (EN-ME)
– wired communication facilities (HI-V)
– wireless communication facilities (HI-VN)
– gas and oil facilities (GO)
– civil engineering (T).

Our employees are licensed at the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority for:
– structural design engineering in the field of civil engineering (AT-ÉT-T)
– electrical installation design engineering in the field of civil engineering (AT-ÉT-ÉV).

Furthermore our employees have expert license for– building electricity (SZÉS-7)
– energy facilities (SZÉM-6)
– gas and oil industry facilities (SZÉM-5)
– communication facilities (SZÉM-2)
– structures within civil engineering (SZÉS-1)
– nuclear facilities (NSZ-3,-4.2,-5.1,-7,-8.1,-8.2,-9,-11-17).

Specifically certified engineers carry out the design of lightning protection, radiation protection, fire signaling and explosion proof systems.